Chapter 19: At PETA's Expense

Dateline: Nov 23, 2002

Time for the annual site update! Whee!

When editors attack!

Someone at the FBI has a sense of humor... Paging Chicken Little...
Typos, typos *everywhere* I wonder if they let the editor live?
The Future Is Now, Bay-bee(tm) Web! Need web now! Must get nowhere?
Y2k II: The Hype That Wouldn't Die Silly coders.....
Gee... perhaps a slight re-phrasing is called for? Ok, it's a bit of a stretch. *I* got a chuckle out of it, anyway.
Hi! I'm a dumbass! And you would be.....? Where we see how well thawte takes care of their own.
The body electric In which we discover you can buy the kind of love you haven't felt since you were 8.
Isn't this just a little silly? Where we wonder if perhaps this whole Year 2000 things isn't getting blown a little out of proportion.
Bad Webmaster! Where we see that people need to sanity-check their websites a little more closely
Messy Music Well, *technically* it's correct. But it's just icky.
Back, O foul beaste! O'Reilly... it's not just for computers anymore
The New Mac The power of advertising at its best
Got Milk? In which we harken back to the days or our youth
HK40K In which we discover our feline friends in aggressive mode
Neon In which we discover the true meaning of "cute"
Classroom In which we view the inevitable
Altoids Where we learn the truth     ** New Information! **

As always, I take submissions, and occassionally use them. This whole 'web' thing is infinitely more entertaining when I exploit other people.

Oh, and the Humor Archive is back online. Loud cheers!

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