The Onastick.Net Humor Archive

So, you're probably wondering what I have stashed in here. Well, I'll tell you. You know all those *really* annoying emails you get from people who are less net.savvy than you? The "Joke of the Day" emails, and the things that people have forwarded half way to Neptune and back and not bothered to strip off any of the headers?

We took this list of 10 million bits of humor, and ran them through a mass de-duping filter. What we have left is n number of jokes, where n is an integer somewhat less that 10 million.

Please note three things:

  1. There are bits of humor in here that some people will find offensive. I don't give a damn. I didn't make any of this stuff up, I just laughed at it, and take no responsibility for he content.
  2. There are things in here that I *know* are urban legends with little or no basis in reality. That doesn't make them unfunny... it just makes them untrue. If you suspect something of being an urban legend, here's what you do:
    1. Go to and look it up.
    2. Don't tell me about it... I already *know* it's an urban legend.
  3. This area of Onastick.Net is a trap. You will never be able to leave. You have been warned.